Sunday, 24 February 2013

DISNEY ON ICE - LET'S PARTY! (UK Tour) Birmingham LG Arena, February 2013

Mickey and friends are back on the ice and this time with a magical medley of holidays, celebrations and festivals from around the globe. Premiering in the US in 2009, Let's Party! finally reaches the UK after four years.

We begin at the Mad Hatter's UnBirthday party where poor Mickey Mouse doesn't have a hat to wear. In a scene which involves little else than madly skating across the ice stealing each other's hats, this scene definitely sets up the fun element for the kids. It is here that lucky children are selected to sit in a giant cake and be moved around the ice as they too enjoy the festivities along with Mickey Mouse and all his friends. 

Having made lots of mess in his attempt to steal a hat, Mickey has to tidy up before we can begin the next celebration. This is where the skating skill of the cast begins to show as 17 enchanted broomsticks perform an exciting group number as Mickey magically commands them dressed in his famous red robe and blue wizard hat from Fantasia. 

It's soon the turn of Jack Skellington who invites us all to his Halloween party and who should show up? A whole host of evil villains including Captain Hook, Cruella De Ville and Maleficent who skate a haunting and fierce routine to This Is Halloween. Mickey soon shows up to save the day and rids the ice of evil for Minnie to begin her Valentines celebration.

Minnie dreams of finding her true Valentine and along with the Fairy Godmother watches the Disney Princes and Princesses at the Royal Ball. It is at the stage every year where the skating gets serious, and the routines get evermore exciting. Even though this is primarily a children's show the lifts and tricks are equal to those that we see every Sunday night on Dancing On Ice. There is something to delight everyone... apart from the price of the popcorn maybe...

Things hot up in the second half as we join Lilo and Stitch at a Hawaiian holiday! There are flame torches and skaters in rings of fire - there has to be a slight element of danger in a Disney story.

It's all fun for the moment until Minnie and Mickey's magical transportation device goes wrong and sends them to opposite ends of the globe! Minnie skates a beautiful routine with the female skaters in China complete with light-up fans. Our favourite mice are soon reunited at the New Orleans Magical Mardi Gras led by Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

For the finale it's time for perhaps everyone's favourite holiday.... CHRISTMAS! Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Daisy decorate the stage, but there's one person missing... (Three actually, Chip N Dale who never show up - but let's not go there...) Goofy, dressed as Santa is stuck up the chimney and the race is on to get him out before Christmas day. Joined by the toys from Toy Story there's lots of Wild West intergalactic fun before the beautifully illuminated finale spectacular bringing back all of your Disney Favourites from the show.

Disney On Ice - Let's Party! plays Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield and Nottingham at the remainder of it's tour and finishes on 17th March 2013.

Featuring Rapunzel and Flynn, get tangled up in Disney On Ice - Dare To Dream touring the UK in Autumn 2013 (Tickets on sale from 8th April).


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