Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Andrew Lloyd Webber's timeless tale of a band of brothers in a biblical bonanza of colour and high energy dance routines bursts onto the Belgrade stage this week.

With a score of well known classics, the show never fails to leave you grinning from ear to ear. In a re-energised 2015 production from Bill Kenwright, X Factor finalists provide a pop injection to bring the show bang up to date. With new orchestrations and moderations to direction, Joseph is back and on better form than before.

Heading up the cast is Lloyd Daniels, as hero Joseph - the twelfth son of Jacob, despised by his brothers and sold into slavery. With a winning smile and overwhelming charm Daniels' has the audience in the palm of his hand - his Welsh tones perfectly suit the score through ballad and the more upbeat. He provides a necessary naivety yet remained a confident frontman and ensure everyone leaves on a high.

Amelia Lily is a strong narrator, creating her own, unique version of the role that draws on her chart-topping vocal skills. Whereas usually the narrator boasts an incredibly high vocal range, lowering the octave occasionally ensures that Lily can instead use her trademark belt to wow the audience. A very impressive theatrical debut.

Matt Lapinskas roused the crowd as the Pharoah and his Elvis turn let the audience know well and truly that he is in the building... they were shouting for more - literally!

As an ensemble show, there is great deal of stage time for an energetic group of brothers who provide excellent backing vocals and constant humour and the female handmaidens prove to be excellent dancers. There is full marks for enthusiasm. 

Even after all these years, the inflatable sheep used still haven't learnt to behave and inflate properly but it's all part of the charm. With delightful costumes and the occasional pair of Ugg boots, the show is as ever the complete visual treat.

Unoffensive, family fun with singing camels for good measure, who could ask for anything more? With every possible musical style imaginable there's something for everyone. It's simple storytelling but incredibly hard to resist coming back again and again. At Belgrade Theatre Coventry until Saturday 25 April. Tickets here

Cast List: Lloyd Daniels, Amelia Lily, Henry Metcalfe, Matt Lapinskas, Sam Hallion, Camilla Rowland, Andrew Bateup, Marcus Ayton, Alfred Bache, Joel Burman, Robert Colvin, Matt Brinkler, Jamie Jukes, Craig Golding, Matt Blaker, Samantha Noel, Daisy Steere, Chris Kayson. 

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