Friday, 14 September 2012

BOUNCERS (UK Tour): Banter With The Boys

The boys in black began a UK Tour of John Godber's Bouncers last week in York. We met up with them in Bradford ahead of their scheduled door job in Wolverhampton in October.
Is the nightlife of Wolverhampton ready for them? "Come see us and find out" was the answer.

Eastender's villain Ace Bhatti (whose worst nightclub outfit was an Elvis suit) says that quite simply "Bouncers is the show you need to see if theatre isn't your thing. It's not what you expect." Why is that then? "All the characters are played by us, four blokes. Even the women, that's us. There's something about putting on that handbag, the place just erupts every night."

Don Gilet was brought up in Walsall and after training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts his first theatre job was at our very own Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Looking forward to playing the theatre  again he said "I can't wait to tame this beast of a play in different cities". Even though the humour may be received differently in other cities the story William Ilkley claims is a timeless piece. "It doesn't change. Nothing changes in the nightclub, only the music and that's just like our play." Godber's play that was first performed in 1977 has been brought right up to date in a 'remix' of the original version. This version features the music of Cheryl Cole, Rhianna, The Wanted, David Guetta, Stooshe and Nicki Minaj. "The play still has the same heart as it did back then, but sometimes the comedy upstaged what the Bouncers were all about" says Ian Reddington who plays Lucky Eric in the show. "This version of the show takes that comedy even further but also allows the characters that time to just act and connect with the audience." This is one of the reasons why the Coronation Street actor had to play the part of Eric. "I had to be Eric. He has the four speeches, those monologues are great. I didn't want to do any other part, I told John [Godber] that. Eric is one of the few characters that really expresses what he feels about what is going on. It's nerve-wracking though, one of the hardest plays I've done and the most energetic." Reddington, who had finished in a UK tour of the Queen musical We Will Rock You earlier in the year said "Bouncers is very different to We Will Rock You, there's no Queen music in this one for a start. I've been lucky enough to be in two Olivier Award winning musicals. Musicals are a completely different discipline and for the variety and experience every actor has got to do a musical, they've got to do a play and they've definitely got to do Bouncers."

If you're still not convinced, why else is this play worth that entry fee? "There's a laugh every thirty seconds and John Godber's timed that on his watch" Ian Reddington recalled. "It's the most fast paced and shortest play you'll sit through" added Don Gilet "it's a complete adrenaline rush for us on stage and for the audience watching. You'll relate to the characters in this thing that is unlike most other plays - a party on stage."

The Bouncers take on the nightlife of Wolverhampton at the Grand Theatre from 2nd - 6th October.
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