Thursday, 4 July 2013

STEAMING (UK Tour) Review July 2013

The 1981 winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy is in Wolverhampton this week - the second play of four in the Ian Dickens Summer Play Season. 

Set in a steam room of a run down Turkish baths in East London the play explores a few weeks in the lives of five women that visit. Unfortunately there's little much else until well into the play the announcement of the business' closure sparks the ladies to fight and appeal the decision. 

London's Burning's Kim Taylforth is well suited to the 'Essex beauty parlour' type character Violet. Rachel Stanley not only shows off her capable acting ability but flaunts every inch of her naked body and there is more than a few full frontal flashings as Josie. Josie's love life and bedroom activity tends to make up much of the plot. Rebecca Wheatley is rather loveable in the role of Dawn. 

Perhaps this was better suited to the 80's, this production was acted incredibly well and moved along at a steady pace. It fizzled but never popped. The girls up there are clearly having lots of fun and Steaming has the potential to be great but it is a mediocre plot that holds it back. Perhaps a fun night out for the ladies.

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Cast List: Kim Taylforth, Martin Jason, Rachel Stanley, Patricia Franklin, Rebecca Wheatley, Katherine Heath, Michelle Morris.

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