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INTERVIEW with Cameron Sharp - October 2013

Midlands-born performer Cameron Sharp has had a rollercoaster few months. From graduating Mountview Academy and being signed by The Markham Agency to appearing as John in Axe: The Musical, a vocalist in West End Heroes at the Dominion Theatre and now a lead role in the West End production of Rock Of Ages. I spoke to Cameron about his whirlwind experiences so far.

How have  the last few months been for you?
Having finished my training at Mountview and playing some great roles in my 3rd year (‘Isaac Tallentire’ in “The Hired Man” and ‘Nicely-Nicely Johnson’ in “Guys and Dolls”), I left after showcase and was signed by The Markham Agency, who I couldn’t ask any more of and have been brilliant for me over the past months. My first job was playing a part in a tongue-in-cheek musical for the international conference of the company ‘Unilever’, but more specifically for ‘Axe’ (or ‘Lynx’ deodorant as we know them in England). That was a really bizarre, yet fun experience (and corporate gigs are nicely paid), so gave me a nice springboard from leaving Mountview into working with professional actors, MDs and Directors.

And then you got into the London production of Rock Of Ages with very little time to rehearse. How did that come about for you and how were the rehearsals?
I went along to the auditions, but had to dance first as I’d missed the first round. I’m a much stronger singer and actor than dancer, so I thought this might blow my chances straight off, but I was successful in each round. Then, the night before the final round, Rock of Ages was handed its closing notice and the auditions were pulled. I gave up any chance of being involved at that point (after a day of moping around and cursing the industry), but was contacted a day later and told that somebody still had to leave, so asked if I would like to come back in and be seen for alternate Drew/Swing, with the contract being 9 weeks, including rehearsal. Obviously (especially after how gutted I’d been the previous day) I was over the moon. I did a few days one-to-one work with the Resident Director/Choreographer and MD, and then got presented to the producers and casting director... and I was lucky enough to be offered the job. The feeling when you finally receive that offer is like nothing else (especially after getting to quite a few final rounds and missing out a few times like I had in the previous months).

Cameron as Franz, Drew and Joey Primo

I missed my graduation ceremony because of rehearsals for Rock Of Ages; they were incredibly intense – firstly because of the sheer quantity of material. I had to learn four different ‘tracks’, one of whom is a lead in the show, one a fairly large supporting role, and all of whom have lines and featured moments, as well as all of the ensemble dances and numbers. They were also difficult because it was only me being rehearsed into the show, so all of my days were just me and the Director or MD. Working one-to-one for that many hours is exhausting. Usually you take a few minutes to switch of your brain, or write down what you’ve done so far while somebody else is being focused on, but I never had that chance. Fortunately, the creative team here are brilliant and very personable and approachable, so it ended up actually being a great laugh and a really fun few weeks, even with all of the stress running alongside it.

I was a huge fan of the show anyway, before any involvement, and had already seen it 4 times since it opened, so for me it really was a dream to be involved, and the thing I found the most exciting was rehearsing on stage every day and getting to know the ins and outs of the set and staging! I felt like a fan being given the ultimate opportunity to nose around and actually take part in something I’d usually stare at with admiration and amazement!

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ROCK OF AGES runs at the Garrick Theatre, London until 2nd November 2013, visit the website here to book tickets. 

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  1. I saw Cameron as Drew OMG he is so hot and amazing voice =P