Thursday, 7 November 2013

HA HA HOLMES! (UK Tour) Review November 2013

Following the success of Ha Ha Hamlet! and Ha Ha Hitler!, Ha Ha Holmes! is the third offering from Ben Langley and Andrew Fettes and this has Joe Pasquale at it's helm. The duo, already famous for madcap productions have upped the levels of ridiculousness with Pasquale as Sherlock Holmes... 

As the squeaky-voiced comedian makes his way through the (very loose) plot things soon go awry for him and sidekick Dr. Watson, played by Ben Langley who also wrote and directed. Andrew Fettes is a highly comedic addition to the cast as every other character in the show. The trio work achieve hysterical laughter from what appears to be foolish play but must be impeccably planned. Andy Pickering is the on-stage pianist, a pantomime musician for the past 13 years must have prepared him for such a production but perhaps not for Joe Pasquale's spontaneous antics!

There is a very simple but ingenious set by James Lewis which is pushed around and positioned by the three cast members. Initially just a staircase and a few bookshelves, there is humour in the very clever ways in which it transforms and reveals hidden surprises. 

This is definitely the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen........ in a good way! Whilst not all the humour is always understood it is definitely on all levels, considering all audience types with slapstick and visual gags to the more witty and tongue-in-cheek. Don't miss it!

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