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PETER PAN (Theatre Royal Nottingham) Review December 2013

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, David Hasselhoff is the most-watched TV personality of all time. According to audiences at the Theatre Royal, he's perhaps the most popular panto star yet to tread the boards! Qdos Pantomimes present a sparkling production of J.M. Barrie's much loved classic - the non traditional pantomime that in recent years has risen in audience popularity and with CBBC's Barney Harwood and TV Goddess Su Pollard also on board, what is there not to love?

Barney Harwood as Peter Pan and Hannah Nicholas as Wendy

Barney Harwood is a likeable Pan, perhaps not as innocent and childlike as you may expect from the boy who never grows up but he's certainly cool and you'd want to be in his gang! Flying around the stage with impressive aerial acrobatics and a conjuring up audience participation he's the guy all the children are in awe of. Something else to be in awe of are the Hoff's cHOFFstumes (that's not such a great pun is it....). As Captain Hook in his sparkling coats and feathered hats the Hoff commands the stage in spectacular fashion. The booable baddie - that you also want to cheer for because he's such a legend - has the entire theatre in the palm of his hand... the remaining hand that is. His song, This Is The Moment brings down the house, complete with showgirls donning the most gorgeous red feathered costumes, it's easily the show's highlight. 

Su Pollard as Mimi the Mermaid

This pantomime traditionally has no dame, but whatever would have been missing is all there by bucketload thanks to Su Pollard as Mimi the Mermaid who is cracking fish jokes all over the plaice. Making her grand entrance in a disco ball and later belting out Gaga's Applause she is the ultimate panto crowd pleaser. Celebrating her 40th year in show showbusiness, Su still oozes all the energy and the eccentric star is clearly a firm favourite with her home audience. 

Ben Nickless is a fantastic Mr Smee, delivering comedy impressions, witty one-liners and a clever story of recognisable chocolate brands is well deserving of a lengthy, appreciative applause. Isobel Hathaway skates her way through the show as Tinkerbell and is one of three strong female leads; Hannah Nicholas as Wendy and Billie Kay as Tiger Lily completing the trio, all in fine voice. The dancers are incredibly talented and master the fresh, exciting choreography. It's nice to see an ensemble used for more than just making up the numbers and filling out the stage - the male dancers get ample stage time to explore individual characters and they also prove to be experienced in the art of Twerking! 

Ben Nickless as Smee with Oliver Ramsdale, 
Lloyd Davies, Nick Woodford & Josh Harrison

With a megamix of Hoff'd classics, At The Hoff, Hoff Stuff ... (you get the idea) the show concludes with an elaborate gold and white finale. A fun and thoroughly enjoyable family show, this is Hofficially the panto to book for... hook whatever tickets are left on the website here

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Cast List: David Hasselhoff, Barney Harwood, Su Pollard, Ben Nickless, Isobel Hathaway, Hannah Nicholas, Billie Kay, Ruben Lawlor-Leckie, Taylor Daykin, Alexander Beardsley, Ryan Mathura, Rhianne Alleyne, Gabrielle Cocca, Lloyd Davies, Lauren Griffin, Josh Harrison, Laura Nicholson, Oliver Ramsdale, Nick Woodford. 

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  1. I saw this pantomime yesterday. I love musicals and this show was just like a musical. Where are their more pictures from the show the boy dancers were gorgeous. The one behind Smee in the picture <3