Monday, 10 February 2014

ANTON DU BEKE BALLROOM TO BROADWAY with Summer Strallen (UK Tour) Review February 2014

Despite the absence of his usual partner, Erin Boag - due to pregnancy, Anton Du Beke goes ahead with his annual tour. This year, he delights audiences in a partnership with Summer Strallen on a musical journey to the heart of Broadway. 

Any Strictly withdrawal symptoms are instantly ridden as the London Concert Orchestra set the tone for the evening with an overture of Mack & Mabel. Imagine musicals week on Strictly... almost impossibly, this is better. 

Between breathtaking ballroom, Anton has comical interludes in which he interacts with the audience, answering questions and dishing the dirt on life backstage at Strictly Come Dancing. He perhaps couldn't survive the whole evening as a stand-up comedian but what he manages is a perfect balance of dance and audience involvement. Anton is joined by Faye Huddleston as his ballroom partner and just as you would expect with Erin, they are faultless. Their duet to Phantom Of The Opera's Music Of The Night is unquestionably a highlight. There is a strong, energetic and enthusiastic ensemble who are a welcome edition to the vast stage. 

You could possibly count on one hand those who are enough to rival Summer Strallen, recent star of the West End production Top Hat. Strallen is every inch the beautiful Broadway lead and sings through  a varied catalogue of show-tunes including an incredible version of All That Jazz which at one point sees her signing whilst suspended upside down in a split lift... 

Lance Ellington, popular vocalist on Strictly Come Dancing is on fine form and delivers Broadway favourites such as This Is The Moment from Jekyll and Hyde to a house that whoop and cheer - all whilst keeping the sophisticated atmosphere, of course. 

Throughout the whole evening I felt like I was somewhere completely different, you know that feel-good energy you have when you're on holiday? that... for two hours.

This is a spectacular evening of entertainment in it's finest form. For tour dates and booking information, visit the website here. Ballroom to Broadway tours until 30 March 2014. 

Cast List: Anton Du Beke, Summer Strallen, Lance Ellington, Faye Huddleston, Simon Coulthard, Gemma Facinelli, Crystal Hantig, Scott Coldwell, Sam Patrick and the London Concert Orchestra led by Richard Balcome

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