Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Preview | JACK & I: THE JACK THE RIPPER MUSICAL (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Following the enormous success of hit comedy musical GUIDO!, a reimagining of the gunpowder treason plot and featured on this blog, DhK Productions will be presenting JACK & I: THE JACK THE RIPPER MUSICAL at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014, the second instalment of their trilogy of historical comedy musicals. Having recently also returned from the Brighton Fringe, where they performed WAY BACK, an original comedy-drama set on Beachy Head, to fantastic reviews, they are proving to be one of the most exciting and creative emerging companies in recent years.

As in GUIDO!, the show tells the tale of its eponymous anti-hero, in this case the fabled Jack the Ripper, the infamous Whitechapel murderer of 1888. While a tremendous amount of research has clearly been done by the writing and production team, the story does take certain liberties with historical inaccuracies, and the writer Daniel Henry Kaes freely admits that the lack of hard facts and evidence presented a different challenge to his previous musical: "This is part of the reason we choose to focus on the detective, Inspector Abberline, so that the identity of the Ripper remains not only elusive but also ever-changing, according to evidence and public opinion as the plot develops".

As well as trying to crack this seemingly impossible case, the protagonist Abberline must also cope with his superiors and colleagues at work, the interference of the press, and hisown marital problems, as his public and private worlds clash, in the tradition of classival Greek drama. Former West Midlands actor Matt Lim performs amongst the talented ensemble cast, whose infectious energy and passion make it difficult to ignore what promises to be one of the most original and engaging - and funny, above all funny - productions at the Fringe this year.

With a witty script redolent of Mel Brooks and Python, catchy and impressive music from Kaes and his collaborators, and a plot full of twists and shocks, make sure you "catch the Ripper" before the month is out!

JACK & I plays at C Nova, Edinburgh 1st-25th August (previews 30th and 31st July) at 9pm. Recommended age 14+
Twitter: @dhkproductions #catchtheripper

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