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Review | DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS THE MUSICAL (Savoy Theatre) August 2014

Based on the 1988 movie starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels The Musical began life in California in 2004, moving to Broadway in 2005. Almost a decade on, a brand new production now plays at London's Savoy Theatre, directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell. 

On the French Riviera, Lawrence and Freddy, two conmen (one notably better than the other) unite on their biggest job ever whilst trying to woo and con 'millionaire Soap Queen' Christine Colgate. 

The pre-show curtain sets the scene, like a giant postcard of seaside village Beaument-sur-Mer. From the moment it lifts you are transported into the perfect theatrical world full of glorious glitz and glamour. What's great is that this feels like one of the classics - the MGM musicals, but with the added bonus that in the UK, it's less than a year old. It's remarkably fresh and evidently has one of the most successful casts in the West End. 

Robert Lindsey tops the bill, suitably suave as Lawrence Jameson. Irresistibly charming, he glides his way through, managing a convincing, likeable and thoroughly entertaining lead almost effortlessly. His counterpart, Freddy is played by Andy Conaghan during Rufus Hound's absence from the show in August. A polar opposite in terms of sophistication, Conaghan is particularly hilarious as Ruprecht, a strange brother invented to deter Lizzy Connolly's comedic, scene-stealing Jolene. 

The two ladies, Samantha Bond as Muriel and Katherine Kingsly as Christine Colgate are both excellent. Bond enjoys an amusing relationship with John Marquez's Frenchman Andre and displays utmost elegance, Louis Vuitton luggage in hand. Kingsly's entrance routine injects further energy to a fast-paced first act, helped along by a fine ensemble, used perfectly to portray other parts and provide the show's hugely exciting choreographic element. 

Peter Mackintosh's set design is stunning and scenery changes are slick - there are moments of pure genius. There is an overwhelming sense of luxuriousness that makes even a mid-week matinee feel like a Saturday night in Monte Carlo. This is the show that gives them what they want, nothing cheap or cheesy, just pure glitz, glamour and entertainment from start to finish. Simply unmissable! Buy (or con people into buying) tickets here

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Maybe you like cool things like time-lapses of a set get in!

Cast List: Robert Lindsey, Rufus Hound, Katherine Kingsley, Samantha Bond, John Marquez, Lizzy Connolly, Gavin Alex, Darren Bennett, Niamh Bracken, Lisa Bridge, Andy Conaghan, Claire Doyle, Alice Fearn, Selina Hamilton, Ian Knauer, Zak Nemorin, Genevieve Nicole, Javier Santos, Todd Talbot, Dominic Tribuzio, Zara Warren, Darren Carnell, Phoebe Coupe, Lisa Mathieson, Jon Tsouras

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  1. I've seen Rufus Hound and Andy Conaghan, Andy is better! Great show!