Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review | HA HA HOOD! (UK Tour) October 2014

Once again the Ha Ha clan roll around to Birmingham, with the usual barrel of laughs and ludicrousness. Written, directed by and featuring Ben Langley each year stars a different comedy personality - this year Hi-De-Hi's Su Pollard is Maid Marion and it also features Cannon and Ball - temporarily without Ball. Poor Bobby, consigned to bed on doctors orders means that for the time being, an understudy - who's name they did say... (Peter? Could be Paul...) steps in - and does a marvellous job. 

Set 10 years after the story we're familiar with we find Maid Marion, divorced from Robin, is now a colonic irrigation specialist - I bet when you bought your tickets you never thought it would be to see Su Pollard giving someone an enema? She does also sing a rather spectacular song to the tune of Nessun Dorma, with lyrics made up of an Indian food order... she excels her comedy credentials and it brings down the house. 

Comedy duo Cannon and Understudy are also great additions but are perhaps a little in the shadow of the show's creator - Ben Langley. With boundless energy he conjures audience participation and keeps enthusiasm at a high throughout. 

These shows are very much an adult pantomime - it's bonkers. You hang your brains up with your coat and you can leave any sort of heirs and graces there too. Riotous fun from the top until curtain-down ... except the curtain doesn't come down, you leave with a view of the small but perfectly adequate, charming little set. 

On tour throughout the UK. Dates here including Swindon Wyvern Theatre - book here

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